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Health Benefits of a Daily Walking

While most of us know that frequent exercise is a part of a healthy life, it may be challenging to know where to start with attaining this goal. Fortunately, gaining more physical activity can be as simple as walking for thirty minutes per day, no gym membership needed! Walking is free, can be done anywhere, and is low intensity; you can even walk with a friend!

Research indicates that walking thirty minutes a few times per week may boost cardiovascular health, induce greater quality of sleep, boost immune health, support joint health, lower Alzheimer risk, and help shed unwanted pounds. Furthermore, walking may deliver a host of benefits for mental health, including staving off mental decline in older adults, and improving overall mood (12 Benefits of Walking, Arthritis Foundation).  

While walking, it is even possible to practice mindfulness, a counseling skill that is used to find balance and assist in emotional regulation. To complete this exercise, try focusing on natural sensations during your walk, and bringing attention to positive aspects of your surroundings. Using your senses, it is possible to feel the warm sun on your face, smell the bloom of fresh flowers, or hear the chirping on birds. After taking a mindful walk, not only will your body, but also your mind will thank you for this act of self-care.

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