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Benefits of Journaling for Mental Health and Wellbeing

In our fast-paced, and often challenging world, many of us neglect opportunities to re connect with ourselves and practice self-reflection. Studies have shown that journaling can improve cognitive restructuring, improved self-understanding, and enhanced emotional regulation (Smyth & Helman, 2003; Ullrich & Lutgendorf, 2002). Additional benefits include stress reduction, lowered blood pressure, and aiding with problem solving and goal setting. While none of us are born with an innate ability to regulate our emotions, it is crucial we develop the tools to practice this. While therapy allows us a safe place to verbally communicate and explore our inner worlds, journaling invites us to share feelings through a different medium-- writing, and allows us time to organize and make sense of our thoughts and feelings in a meaningful way. While some individuals may be able to engage in free formed writing, others find it helpful to journal using structured prompts. Below are a few prompts designed to guide you towards self-reflection and understanding of emotional patterns. Give them a try today!


1. What emotions am I experiencing in the present moment? How intense is this emotion?

2. Have I felt a similar emotion in the past? If so, what were the circumstances that prompted this emotion?

3. Where in my body do I carry these emotions?

4. What are my emotions try to communicate to me?

5. What thoughts am I having about my current feeling(s)?

6. What emotions do I tend to avoid?

7. What did I accomplish today? What can I be proud of myself for?

8. How can I practice compassion towards my emotions today?

9. What am I inspired by today?

10. Identify two coping skills I can use to self-soothe.


Need more guidance? Please call our office today at 813-335-9794 to learn more about the benefits of consistent journaling and therapy!

Blog created by Jade Caswell, MA, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern



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