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Improving Self-Confidence

By Jade Caswell, MA, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Oftentimes, as therapists, we are asked by clients: "how do I boost my confidence?";

Unfortunately, there is not "one size fits all approach"; and it may be a lifelong process that

requires a sizable investment in the self to see results. Issues with self-esteem can be the result

of a variety of factors, including childhood trauma, weathering stress/ difficult times, or negative

messages we are given from others, and are quite common. The benefits of investing in one's

self, however, can truly transform one's relationship with self and others. Below are a few simple

tips to send you on a path of rediscovering yourself and improving self-esteem. See what works

for you!

1. Recognizing strengths

Oftentimes, we choose to dwell on negative aspects of ourselves and have accompanying critical

self-talk. We can break out of this cycle by choosing to be kinder to ourselves, challenging

critical thoughts and taking inventory of our strengths. It can also be helpful to record how we

use these strengths in our everyday lives.

2. Building a social circle

Humans are naturally social creatures, and it is important to spend time socially with individuals

who are uplifting. This may mean taking a good look at the people you spend the most time with

and evaluating whether they help lift you up or drain you.

3. Learning to set boundaries and say no

Did you ever go along with something even though it went against your values? This can often

put us in an uncomfortable situation and decrease our sense of self worth. Living according to

our values and setting boundaries when appropriate can help improve our view of ourselves and

help us construct a life worth living.

4. Engage in hobbies / new activities

Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and expanding our skill set can boost self efficacy and

improve our sense of self. Once we have mastered a craft, we oftentimes have a newfound

appreciation of ourselves and our skills. It can also be fulfilling to share our skills/ talents with


5. Prioritizing mental and physical wellbeing

Taking care of our physical and mental needs is crucial in showing ourselves compassion and

improving how we see ourselves. This might mean booking that doctor's appointment you've

been putting off, signing up for a new exercise class, or scheduling a therapy session. Please feel

free to call our office to see how we can help with issues related to self-esteem. Take time to

invest in yourself today!


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