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Life coaching vs. Therapy. What's the Difference?

As we find ourselves moving in the New Year, many people are setting goals for

themselves, and seeking personal growth and transformation. As SanaMente Counseling, we

believe that 'each mind matters', and everyone can benefit from a safe space to explore their

goals and make their dreams a reality. This is why we are expanding our services to include life

coaching. We will continue to offer a full variety of mental health counseling, including

individual, couples, and group counseling. If you are wondering, "what's the difference between

counseling and life coaching?"; Please read below about differences between therapy and life

coaching, and find out which is the best fit for you!

1. Life coaching focuses on personal and professional goals, whereas therapy focuses on mental

health concerns. Therapy can help you navigate emotions, traumas, and interpersonal

difficulties, while life coaching helps you get "unstuck"; tap into motivation, and empower you

to achieve concrete goals.

2. Therapists hold advanced degrees (Master's degree or higher), whereas, life coaches are not

required to hold any specialized degrees or certifications. By nature of their training and

education, mental health counselors are qualified to diagnose and treat mental health

conditions, while life coaches cannot diagnose or treat mental health issues.

3. Life coaching focuses on empowerment and motivating you towards future goals, while

therapy often delves into the past and searches for 'deeper' reasons for behavior and thought

processes. Counseling may focus on healing and trauma recovery. Life coaching can help you

break undesirable habits and is structured to hold you accountable for progress towards your

future personal and professional goals.

4. Depending on client needs, life coaching is often short-term, whereas, therapy is often

longer-term and not time-limited. This is due to the 'deeper digging' and the nature of issues

that may be discussed in therapy. True healing from trauma or mental health conditions takes

time and personal investment-- Life coaching does not delve into these deeper issues.

5. Mental health counseling may be covered by your insurance plan, whereas life coaching is a

self-pay service, and is not covered by insurance.

Note: Highlighted here are major differences between life coaching and therapy, for more

information on our services please call our office at 813-335-9794 or email us at

We would be happy to discuss your personalized needs and find the right option for you!


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